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First Jubilee: TIP-Cluster presents research results for the fifth time at HCI Conference in Orlando

Vanessa Heitplatz, Ingo Bosse presenting in Orlando

01.08.2019 – The diverse and interdisciplinary research activities in the field of "Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)" were the topic of a session of the same name at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2019) conference in Orlando, USA.


Contribute. Participate. Design. – Learning together with digital media and technologies: Joint meeting of the TIP cluster und Qua-Lis was a complete success

conference logo

21.11.2018 – The joint meeting of the research cluster technology, inclusion, participation and the agency of quality and assistance – state institute for school NRW was successful in every way. About 150 teachers could inform themselves at the numerous booths at the foyer, among them the project “SELFMADE – self-determination and communication through inclusive makerspaces”, the network of AAC and of course the TIP cluster.


Three "TIP" scientists present technical solutions for participation at Bethel conference

accompanying robot 'MiRo'

13.11.2018 – „Living with technology" - this was the motto under which the Von Bodelschwinghsche foundation Bethel invited more than 300 employees and clients of the foundation to the "NRW large group conference" in Schwerte on 30 October. Various technologies designed to make life easier and support participation were discussed and tested in practice. Scientists from the "Technology, Inclusion, Participation (TIP)" cluster of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences were prominently represented on three stages. Dr. Susanne Dirks (Rehabilitation Technology), Hanna Linke and Dr. Bastian Pelka (Social Research Centre of the TU Dortmund) presented current research results and practical applications of "Living with Technology".


Regional conference Bethel.regional on "Living with technology" in Schwerte (Germany)

29.10.2018 – On 30 October 2018 the annual large group conference for the Ruhr area and Dortmund of the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel will take place at the Freischütz in Schwerte. The TIP-Cluster is represented three times at this event. Employees from the fields of rehabilitation technology and physical and motoric development as well as from the social research centre offer workshops on relevant technical topics and questions.


First TIP colloquium on "Robotics in health and care" in winter semester 2018/2019

Robot Pepper

24.10.2018 – With interesting topics and active external and internal participation, the first TIP Colloquium of this semester took place on October 24, 2018. Mr. Recken from the AAL Academy and Mrs. Frings from the Diakonie Recklinghausen (Inclusion 4.0) as external lecture guests reported on exciting research projects on the topics of digitisation in care, robotics and virtual reality.


TIP Cluster at ICCHP 2018

06.07.2018 – The 16th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs will take place at Linz from July 11-13, 2018. Representatives of the TIP cluster will take active part in the conference.


SELFMADE presents potentials of 3D printing for people with disabilities at REHACARE

Members of SelfMade at the exhibition stand

20.10.2017 – On the “Lightcares” stand of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) of the international trade fair for rehabilitation and care REHACARE in Düsseldorf, various projects presented innovative Do-it-Yourself solutions designed to facilitate the everyday life of people with disabilities.


Global Science Week 2017 discusses social innovation and inlusion in science and society

Christoph Kaletka during his lecture at tech event

16.10.2017 – How can science contribute to solving increasingly complex societal challenges? The Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW 2017), with its thematic focus “Science for Social Innovation”, addressed this question by bringing together researchers across borders and disciplines in Tsukuba Science City, the largest science and technology hub in Japan. Dr. Christoph Kaletka (TU Dortmund University / TIP cluster) held the opening keynote and addressed the largely untapped potential of social innovation research and policy.


TIP-Cluster at AAATE Congress 2017 in Sheffield


22.09.2017 – Members of the TIP Cluster attended the 2017 AAATE Congress, a 4-day event about Assistive Technologies. The congress took place in Sheffield (UK) from 12-15th September 2017.



Members of the TIP-Research Cluster

19.07.2017 – Diverse and interdisciplinary research perspectives on „Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)“ were discussed at the “Human Computer Interaction Conference” in Vancouver on the 13th of July. The session was hosted by TU Dortmund University’s TIP-cluster.


SELFMADE presents potential of 3D printing for persons with disabilities

Prof Ingo Bosse presenting the selfmade project

23.05.2017 – 3D printers are using liquefied plastic to fabricate individual products – from few centimetres high vases to complete cars. This technology offers tremendous application possibilities which are explored by researchers of TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences and Dr Bastian Pelka, social research centre, in hindsight of the use by persons with disabilities.


Media Use of Persons with Disability

30.11.2016 – For the first time Data on media use, reasons for use and individual access- and usage barriers were investigated throughout Germany. This research was conducted by Technical University Dortmund and Hans-Bredow-Institute Hamburg.


Award for researchers from Sozialforschungsstelle and Technical University Dortmund

Dr. Bastian Pelka and JunProf. Ingo Bosse receive the award certificate

30.08.2016 – JunProf Ingo Bosse (Faculty of Rehabilitation Science) and Dr. Bastian Pelka (Social Research Centre) were awarded a price by German Ministry of Education and Research for their project proposal “SELFMADE – photonic technologies for people with disabilities”. Both researchers are members of the Cluster Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP). With the 100,000 EUR funding, they will create an inclusive maker space in Dortmund and design a checklist for inclusive maker spaces.


Digital Inclusion - Digital Exclusion: A lecture on participation issues in a digital society

Dr. Bastian Pelka holding a speech on digital inclusion

21.01.2016 – Dr. Bastian Pelka held a speech on digital inclusion at an event organized by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. He emphasized the two sides of digital inclusion: inclusion THROUGH digital media on the one hand and inclusion INTO a digital society on the other hand. Concerning both sides one thing is for certain: People with access to digital media do have lots of advantages in our society.


„2be - in action“ 7th Dortmund Participation Day (DoTT) 2015

Prof. Steinhart, Prof. Bühler and Dr. Kaletka in conversation during the conference

10.12.2015 – Continued exchange of theory and practice between the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences and the foundation Bethel.regional was successful.


Die Projekte SIMPACT, I-LINC und SI-Drive auf der Social Innovation 2015 Konferenz – "Pathways to social change", Wien (Österreich)

simpac projekct participants in conference room talking to each other

01.12.2015 – The workshop session “Empowerment for vulnerable people through ‘digital social innovation’”, moderated by Bastian Pelka and Christoph Kaletka (both sfs TU Dortmund University) dealt with a triple intersection: It asked for social innovations empowering vulnerable people and focused on those social innovations which are either “supported” or “enabled” (Millard/Carpenter 2014) by digital technology (“digital social innovations” DSI, Bria 2014).


Human Computer Interaction - Article and Presentation

bookcover  Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction Access to Learning

19.08.2015 – Ass. Prof Ingo Bosse held a presentation about „Criteria for Designing Blended Learning. Materials for Inclusive Education: Perspectives of Teachers and Producers” and got good feedback from the audience. It was part of the session “blended learning for inclusive education” at the Human Computer Interaction Conference in Los Angeles from 2nd till 7th August.


SIMPACT discussed interim results

group photo of simpact project participants

16.06.2015 – Sfs researchers are discussing interim results on stake holder involvement


Students submit video on „Get Online Week Dortmund 2015“

group photo of the participants with the subline "Another highlight of the press conference was the well known German daily soap actors Milos Vukovic, who supported the get online week dortmund 2015.

23.04.2015 – Eleven students from Technical University Dortmund, studying Rehabilitation pedagogy in a course by sfs researcher Dr. Bastian Pelka, have organized the “Get Online Week Dortmund” as part of the European campaign “Get Online Week Europe”. They now published a video describing their campaign.


TIP Clusters at the First MedEcon Ruhr Innovation Talk "Technically Assisted Rehabilitation"

group photo of tip cluster paricipants

06.02.2015 – The first MedEcon Ruhr innovation talk "Technically Assisted Rehabilitation" took place on January 15, 2015 at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors (IfADo). This event was organized by the economic development office of the city of Dortmund and the MedEcon Ruhr network. Main goal was to bring together relevant partners from industry, research, and welfare institutions of the Dortmund region, in order to make the available excellence and resources more visible.