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Logistics Personal Excellence by continuous Self-Assessment (LOPEC)


The change in the logistics environment demands of skilled workers a continuous advancement of their competence. LOPEC transfers a software solution for the mediation of logistics LEAN know-how as well as the in addition required basis knowledge for the skilled worker in the enterprise and continuing education environment. The system will be enhanced with a new method of the self-assessment of the "personal Excellence". Besides, the aim of the project is the development of supporting learning materials to transfer the knowledge closing the gap between the secondary and tertiary education for skilled worker in the area of the logistics as well as to support the introduction of “personal Excellence” aiming in "lifelong learning". LOPEC is transferred in several countries of the European Union. Free entrance modules are available after project finalization.


2012 - 2014


EU - Lifelong Learning Program - Leonardo da Vinci


  • Dr. Bastian Pelka
  • Dr. Christoph Kaletka
  • Lena Lohrmann