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Intergenerational Learning Circle for Community Service (eScouts)


Intergenerational Learning Circle for Community Service(“eScouts”) is aimed to develop an innovative intergenerational learning exchange between elderly and youth volunteers, centered on the development of the digital competences of the eldest and on the guidance to the youngest to better face their upcoming adult life challenges. The project built on an comparative analysis of different pedagogical approaches for community based learning and produced a new approach for ICT supported intergenerational learning.

This intergenerational experience took place through a variety of local stakeholder organisations (LSO, e.g. public internet centres, youth and elderly associations, etc) with a view to produce a transversal impact over the communities they are serving.

In this way, eScouts contributed to broader inclusion objectives and policies (both in digital and social terms), like the EU Ministers’ Riga Declaration on “ICT for an inclusive society” (2006), or the recent “Digital Agenda for Europe” (2010).

The partnership developed an innovative, intergenerational exchange between the elderly and young volunteers, using ICT as a vehicle for the promotion and exchange.


01/2011 - 12/2012


European Union, Key Activity 3 Multilateral Projects


  • Dr. Bastian Pelka
  • Dr. Christoph Kaletka
  • Dr. Hans-Werner Franz