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LernBAR- Learning on the Basis of Augmented Reality - An Inclusive Training Concept for Home Economics


In the research and development project LernBAR "Learning on the basis of Augmented Reality - An inclusive training concept for home economics" AR-based vocational learning for people with disabilities is examined. The project uses the potential of new technologies to develop work process-oriented learning programmes to support people with learning disabilities in their workplace. In the project, both technological and didactic potentials of AR content for the target group will be explored. The aim is to use digital media to support the qualification/learning of people with learning disabilities in home economics education and training. Thereby, learning contents such as graphics, pictures, interactive videos etc. are selectively presented at the workplace by using AR-glasses (HoloLens). In addition to HoloLenses, alternative AR applications e.g. on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) for the target group are being tested.

AR-based learning at the workplace will be complemented by learning opportunities in formal or informal settings (via a learning platform). For this purpose, an adapted curriculum for domestic apprenticeships will be developed and tested. With a modernized training concept, the attractiveness of home economics training courses for potential trainees can be increased on the one hand and on the other hand, the future viability of the training courses with regard to changing social needs can be guaranteed. For this reason, the training of instructors and teachers in the use of digital media and the development of their digital teaching skills is another central part of the project. The training programme will provide instructors and teachers with the tools they need to be able to develop digitised learning programmes independently.

Project Partner

  • Josefsheim Bigge gGmbH
  • Hannoversche Werkstätten gem.GmbH
  • Lebenshilfe Erfurt gGmbH
  • Technische Universität Dortmund


06/2018 - 05/2021


Denise Materna

email: denise.materna@tu-dortmund.de