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Learn to teach by social web (L2T)


The Learn2Teach project aims to establish a new communication and collaboration paradigm in teaching and learning through the vehicle of social media.

Whilst technology itself cannot teach, the Learn2Teach project can assist the process of learning through the design of pedagogical approaches to the embedding of social media, providing a far reaching interactive social community that can promote creativity, peer discussion and collaboration.

The project aims to enhance learning by empowering teachers to utilise these innovative teaching tools, which will in turn foster inclusive learning by engaging and motivating learners previously resistant to technology, by disguising these tools as student driven individual constructivist learning techniques, preparing them for their social, economic and political contexts.


EU - Lifelong Learning Program - Leonardo da Vinci


  • Dr. Bastian Pelka
  • Dr. Christoph Kaletka
  • Lena Lohrmann
  • Beata Lewandowska

email: help@learn2teach.eu