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Digital reflexive teacher education 4.0: video-based - barrier-free - personalised.


The DEGREE 4.0. project aims to integrate day to day practice into university teaching and thus to enable prospective teachers to gain theory-based practical experience and to provide a basis for reflecting on their own actions. Therefore, a digital learning platform is being developed and researched with which students in the teaching departments of German, Computer Science, Mathematics and Music can develop and apply content for diagnosis and support on video-based case studies from practice. They receive additional support, for example, through targeted tasks and communication opportunities. Through the participation of the rehabilitation sciences, a focus will be placed on accessibility and adaptability and the creation of a barrier-free learning environment will be promoted in order to take into account the heterogeneity of the student body and the potential of media for inclusion. The Centre for Disability and Study (DoBuS) completes the DEGREE team with its expertise in the implementation of a barrier-free learning platform and the barrier-free design of video vignettes. For example, DoBuS creates subtitles and audio descriptions for the video vignettes created and, together with the rehabilitation sciences, is responsible for analysing and documenting the quality of the barrier-free learning environment. The learning platform will be barrier-free in two respects: On the one hand, the platform can be accessed from home or at university via Internet-enabled terminals. On the other hand, not only the access to the platform, but also to the content is barrier-free, as the platform can be adapted to the individual needs of the users.


10/2018 - 03/2022


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse

email: Ingo.Bosse@tu-dortmund.de