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Institutions and Cooperations

The TIP-Cluster unifies research activities within the TU Dortmund University’s School of Rehabilitation Sciences devoted to the development and evaluation of technology for inclusion and participation. Core personnel includes members from the School of Rehabilitation Sciences with varying backgrounds in technical and social science disciplines.

To date, cooperating experts within the School of Rehabilitation Sciences represent the fields of:



Cooperation with other schools within the TU Dortmund University and to other R&D Institutions contributes to true interdisciplinary innovation and research. Several business partners and end user organizations enable the team to confront social challenges and promote marketable solutions. The consortium strives for joint activities in research, dissemination, and implementation. Current cooperation partners include the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).



The TIP Cluster offers a broad variety of resources to enable state-of-the-art development and evaluation: The LAB (Laboratory for Assistive Technology and Barrier free accessibility) has been established in 2010 in order to provide a research environment with existing technical aids and mainstream technology as used by people with functional limitations. Additional research labs are equipped with eye-tracking systems, a comprehensive selection of assistive technology in the areas of computer access, vision and mobile devices as well as assistive technology for augmentative and alternative communication. For the purpose of higher education, a study lab includes stations for students with computers and technical aids, a selection of wheelchairs, plotter molding cutter, and an accessible kiosk system.